As many know, Nicole Junkermann is the founder of NJF Holdings, an international investment firm with interests in venture capital, private equity and real estate. Few, on the other hand, have heard of Heinz Junkermann, her father, who passed on to her, through a hard training, the ability to invest, diversify, evaluate risks and always set new goals. Heinz Junkermann, born in Frankfurt on 7 January 1938, founded in the 1960s a private banking institution that managed the assets of clients from all over Western Europe (still in times of the Cold War). But, as a versatile entrepreneur that he was, Junkermann applied his talent as a businessman also in other sectors: for example, he held the role of managing director of the real estate company IFG Gesellschaft für Immobilienbesitz mbH and of the jewelry company Schmuck-Kassette GmbH. Heinz Junkermann was also a member of Rotary International, as well as serving on the committee of Prinzengarde Düsseldorf Blau-Weiss, Düsseldorf’s largest carnival company, which still supplies many of the prominent members of the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval e.V. It was in the capital of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia that he passed away in 2011. Heinz Junkermann was married to Ingrid. Nicole, born on April 27, 1980, credits her parents with having involved her in their interests in business and finance from an early age. As a matter of fact, while still a teenager she supported Heinz as a translator on his business trips around Europe. The daily contact with the big players of the economy and finance played a decisive role in Nicole’s climb to success. She has since extended her interests from Europe to the whole world. Like father, like daughter: destined for success.