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    Heinz Junkermann, the real story

    18th Feb 2021 by

    As many know, Nicole Junkermann is the founder of NJF Holdings, an international investment firm with interests in venture capital, private equity and real estate. Few, on the other hand, have heard of Heinz Junkermann, her father, who passed on to her, through a hard training, the ability to invest, diversify, evaluate risks and always… Read more

  • stellantis uponover

    Stellantis $52bn mega merger

    17th Jan 2021 by

    Fiat Chrysler and PSA sealed their mega-merger on Saturday to create Stellantis. The new company is the world’s fourth-largest auto group with deep enough pockets to fund the shift to electric driving and take on bigger rivals Toyota and Volkswagen. It took over a year for the Italian-American and French automakers to finalise the $52… Read more

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